Change your mind and your life will follow by Karen Casey

  • We are as happy as we make up our minds to be
  • We can have better lives if we make up our minds to do so
  • We decide
  • It doesn’t take much effort but willingness to make tiny shifts in how we perceive our experiences and our fellow travellers
  • 12 principles
    • Tend your own garden; attend to your own life, we are not in charge of others!
    • Stop focusing on problems so their solutions can emerge; our answers are always within
    • Let go of outcomes; you are responsible only for making the effort, nothing more
    • Change your mind; If you don’t like your thinking, particularly if it’s harmful, you can change it; you choose your thoughts
    • Choose to act rather than react; don’t let others decide what kind of day you are going to have; stop being so dependent on the opinions of others; detach from other people’s business; express gratitude for every experience in your life
    • Give up your judgements; see the good in others and make it a habit; choose to be peaceful rather than right; our criticism always reflect how we feel about ourselves
    • Remember that you are not in control; our desire to control comes from insecurity and inadequacy. The more we try to control, the less willing they are to remain in our life; back off; don’t speak unless someone honestly asks you for your input. Letting others make their own choices, which might turn well into mistakes, is good for other people and for us; attempt to control and you will fail. Every choice, every experience, every person in our lives is here for a reason. No one shows up by accident. We chose every person and interaction for the lessons they bring.
    • Discover your own lessons; Get a life. With someone else on your mind, you miss your own lessons. You can’t hear your inner voice if your mind is on someone else
    • Do no harm; do no verbal harm. Doing anything less than giving our full attention is simply rude, and rudeness harms the spirit of everyone touched by the interaction. Give up criticism. Do no physical harm. Give up arguing, one argument at a time
    • Quiet your mind. We can take control of our minds. We can enjoy peace, experience serenity, and become aware of the messages God has for us. Any thought can be released. Choose your thoughts wisely. If a thought is troubling you, choose another. You can’t hear your inner guide without a quiet mind
    • Every encounter is a holy encounter – respond accordingly. No experience is accidental. Try to find the lesson in every experience. Everyone we meet is destined to be on our journey
    • There are always 2 voices in your mind – one is always wrong. Be vigilant of your choices. Each day the process for change can begin again
  • Summary
    • Live and let live
    • Turn your focus from problem to solution
    • Let go; we cannot be an example of peace except in each present moment
    • Experience a miracle
    • Act, don’t react
    • Drop your judgements. Judgements and love cannot co-exist
    • Accept your powerlessness. It’s the greatest gift
    • Be the centre of your own attention
    • Do no harm
    • Quiet your mind and hear God’s voice
    • Every encounter is a holy encounter
    • There are 2 voices in your mind. One is always wrong. Choose carefully

~ by antinomian on June 19, 2009.

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