The richest man who ever lived by Steven K. Scott

  • What keeps us from being truly happy?
    • Looking for happiness in the wrong places
    • A lack of gratitude
    • Envy; It takes your eyes off what you have and focuses your attention on what you don’t have
    • A sense of entitlement; as long as our heart is focused upon what we don’t have and on what we think we’re entitled to, we will not be happy
    • Foolishness; our feelings are subjected to an emotional roller coaster. They are unreliable and can change in an instant
  • Overcoming barriers to happiness
    • Develop a grateful heart
    • Eliminate your sense of entitlement
    • Root out the weeds of envy
    • Start living wisely; wisdom involves action
  • 4 qualities to make you invaluable
    • Impeccable honesty; dishonesty destroys foundation of relationship and produces never-ending stress
    • Kindness
    • Generosity – the quality that receives more than it gives
    • Graciousness
  • Winning conflicts and overcoming adversity
    • Understand the potential consequences of the conflict
    • Keep as your goal “achieving the best possible outcome for all parties involved”. Conflicts are to make things better
    • Do not answer a fool in the manner he attacks
    • Never prolong an argument
    • Give an unexpected gift
    • Be quick to forgive
  • Dealing with adversity
    • Realize that adversity is a valuable part of life; it reveals the gold and silver of our character
    • Accept responsibility for your contribution to the situation
  • Gary Smalley’s steps to removing anger
    • Define the offense in writing
    • Allow yourself to grieve the loss
    • Try to gain a better understanding of the offender
    • “Treasure-hunt” the offense; look for the good that have come out
    • Write a letter, but don’t send it out
    • Release the other person from the hurts they have inflicted and from future expectations; forgiveness isn’t a feeling or a word, it’s a choice.
    • Reach out
  • Naivete and IQ
    • Oversimplification. Important decisions are never simple. There are important factors hidden under the surface
    • Presumption
    • Misplaced trust
    • Superficial appearances
    • Laziness
    • Haste
    • Narrow vision
    • Integrity
    • Greed
    • Arrogance
    • Wrong priorities
  • Look well enough into the matter before making any important decisions
  • The consequences of greed
    • It can steal your life away
    • It can destroy your financial security
    • It can affect your loved ones
    • It can bankrupt you spiritually
    • It can steal your happiness and reason for a living
    • It can steal your integrity
    • It creates a false sense of security
  • Replacing pride with humility
    • Be grateful
    • Become more attentive to and focused upon the needs of others
  • Acquiring wisdom
    • A checking account of knowledge
    • Understanding why you act the way you do
    • A fountain of life; understanding not only brings life to your deepest needs and desires, it also makes you a source of life to those around you
    • The favour of those in authority
    • Value and honor
    • Riches; spiritual richness
    • Protection and safety
    • Long life
  • Consequences of not gaining wisdom
    • Decisions that look good but end badly
    • A life without purpose, fulfilment and happiness
    • Self deception
    • Foolish decisions

~ by antinomian on June 18, 2009.

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