Barefoot Doctor’s Handbook for the urban warrior

  • I need no longer struggle and strain to get what I want. There’s nothing heroic about the busted gut or tensed jaw, these are pastimes for fools. I deserve to have things be easy for me, this doesn’t make me lazy. I’m willing to ease off on myself now and let things come to me. I ease off on the world now and, as I do, the world eases off on me- now there’s more space for us all to play in. I choose “easy” so everything is easy for me. I am not a slacker, I’m just choosing ease, for I am free to take things as easy as I please
  • Visualise yourself as a pure, radiant being, with no baggage from past or plans for the future
  • Feel it. You’re not your possessions, your desires, your people, your habits, your fears, you’re not even your body. You’re simply nobody. Revel in the freedom of it, then move out on to the street. Being no one at all, you’ve nothing to lose, and everything is yours.
  • Everything you do requires you first be clear about what kind of outcome you intend.
  • Real strength comes from a unity of intention, passion and energy
  • True strength comes from softness.
  • Sleep on your right side, coiled up like a dragon
  • Removing waste, don’t force out. Just relax and sink and flow. Tie top
  • You do not possess anything. Everything is on loan.
  • When you make an agreement, stick to it
  • Move your body from the one point 6cm below your naval. The more often you concentrate on bringing awareness to the one point, the more you find yourself naturally moving from it
  • When you wake up, tell yourself “I choose to enjoy this day come what may
  • Breathe freely
  • Lengthen your spine
  • Broaden your hips and shoulders
  • Soften your muscles
  • Sink your chi down to one point
  • Be mindful of what you are doing, saying, thinking and feeling at all times

~ by antinomian on June 18, 2009.

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