Zen Miracles by Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D.

Zen miracles commandments

  1. Do not lean on others. Do not lean on anything
  2. Keep your back straight at all times. Your spine connects heaven and earth. Honor it
  3. Loneliness is an unwillingness to communicate freely with all of creation. Remedy this.
  4. Do not puff yourself up and put others down. We are all treading on the same earth
  5. This particular breath will not come again. Pay attention to it
  6. We cannot stop the noises, but we can stop ourselves. We can accept the noise
  7. What you are at this moment contains the whole message of what you were
  8. You can never see anything worse than yourself
  9. Place after place is the right place
  10. Don’t put a head on your own head. What’s wrong with your own?
  11. Going somewhere doesn’t take you anywhere else
  12. Doing nothing is more than enough. Flowers grow on their own

~ by antinomian on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “Zen Miracles by Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D.”

  1. Your site is fantastic. Am a fan of life too. Thanks for being a kind soul, I feel it

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