What’s Worth Knowing by Wendy Lustbader

  • You don’t need much
  • You’ve got to keep a sense of humor
  • Kindness is never wasted
  • Happiness is in the smallest things
  • Learn to like your own company
  • Thing you buy won’t make you happy
  • There’s always something to see if you keep your eyes open
  • Be good to your parents – someday you may understand them
  • Make sure you go to Paris
  • Don’t let doubt in yourself defeat you

On People

  • All that matters is whether someone is a good person
  • Everyone needs a little praise
  • No one’s better than you, and you’re not better than anyone
  • A good listener is someone who’s not talking
  • Fools are in this world to make us grow
  • It’s not going to get better until we stop passing it back and forth
  • Take care of yourself, because no one else will
  • Remember that the flesh is weak
  • Living things need lots of attention
  • Good fortune is having good friends

On time

  • Knowing you’re going to die – that’s what really gets you moving
  • A long past is a fine possession
  • Be careful, or machines will take over your life
  • Your days aren’t worthless just because you’re idle
  • It’s good to stay put
  • Make your days worth remembering
  • Take the time, while you have it
  • How time goes is up to you
  • Picturing the world without yourself in it is good for you

~ by antinomian on May 9, 2008.

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