Zen Stories By Brian Bruya

  • When your mind is filled with prejudices, the truth that others speak can’t be heard
  • When we stop differentiating, halt our delusions, and put an end to all thoughts, the two hindrances of discursive thought and intention will dissolve, and as our minds fill with peace, naturally, there will be nothing we wouldn’t understand
  • Don’t get mired into the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow. Instead, live in the world of today. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, experience the beautiful things around you at that moment.
  • The ordinary mind is the Dao. You needn’t track through an illusory world to find the principles of Buddhism. Just pay attention to the details of life and try to understand things intuitively.
  • Heaven and Hell aren’t places that suddenly appear after death. They exist here and now. Good and evil involve just a single thought, and the gates of Heaven and Hell are ready to open for you at any time.
  • Don’t be deluded by external circumstances. When the dualism of good and evil is gone from your mind, only then will you be nearing Zen.
  • When pointing out other people’s faults, we often forget that we might be guilty of the same mistake.
  • There is no god or evil, no suffering or pleasure. Everything is empty. Even this sentence isn’t worth saying to anyone.
  • Don’t project yourself on things you come into contact with, and don’t differentiate between yourself and other things, because so-called subjectivity and objectivity do not exist. The domain of wisdom is in understanding that there is no self, there is no other, and everything is the way it is.
  • Colorful and inspiring words will lose their simplicity and cause confusion. Consistency between action and words is the foundation of self-cultivation
  • The only one who can help you is yourself
  • If we take our time, we’ll achieve our goals faster than if we hurry. This is what is meant by “the ordinary mind is the Dao”.
  • Being concerned with gain and loss brings us the feelings of happiness and sadness. We should transcend the concepts of god and evil, gain and loss. Happiness is acting according to the circumstances, whatever they may be
  • Using another person’s ideas to enlighten other people is like the blind man carrying a lantern – the light may go out along the way, and you’ll never know
  • Everything has its own use. Regardless of some things’ seeming insignificance, everything has its place in nature
  • Many people live in a dualistic world of gains and losses, self and object. If the scenery is beautiful, I’m happy; if it’s not, I’m disappointed.
  • Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t worry about the future. Experience and cherish the moment. Happiness is acting according to the circumstances, whatever they may be.
  • Heaven and earth nurture all things, but we should act without counting on the results and strive for success without dwelling on it. If we can work hard without complaining, we can become one with heaven and earth.
  • The perfect person’s mind is like a mirror, neither taking nor welcoming, it responds but doesn’t store.
  • If your mind is torn by two conflicting desires, the contradiction will destroy your mind’s unity and tranquility. Just remember, when you should grab something, grab it; when you should let go, let go.
  • While we live, we should enjoy the mystery and beauty that are life, rather than worrying about what comes after death. Live today without worrying about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have its own worries.
  • Words and actions are two exterior manifestations of our inner thoughts; but most people’s words exceed their actions, even to the point of there being no action at all
  • We all experience troubles and worries, but it often happens that our greatest troubles arise from ourselves
  • Rich and poor are not functions of how much money we have, but rather, of whether or not we are contented with what we have
  • Self cultivation refers to idle conversation, washing your face, eating – all the details of everyday life that should be done with care and sincerity. If performed in this way, every little task will resonate with the truth
  • Coming to understand the big questions in life has to be done by oneself, no one else can do it for you. Maintaining other people’s ideas is like the mimicry of a parrot, it might be speaking, but it doesn’t know what it is saying
  • Dropping everything must include casting aside the idea of dropping everything. If you continually concentrate on dropping everything, you’ll never reach that realm of purity and tranquility
  • What others have come to understand intuitively can never become yours unless you come to understand it though your own efforts
  • Everyone has a different way of arriving at the same destination. There is not just one path, and not everyone is fit to travel the same path. By limiting yourself to a certain path, you may actually lead yourself astray.
  • Everyone knows what they should do, but how many people actually do it?
  • How many people wake up in the morning still figuring out problems from the day before? We should take everything that threatens our peace of mind and throw it out. We should live according to our original nature because the ordinary mind is the Dao.
  • Seize the moment; experience the present; don’t let anything slip by. Every evening is a spring evening, and every day is a good day
  • If you try to attract the truth through the self, then you’ve yet to completely abandon the self, and you’ll never get to the complete truth. Only by assimilating yourself with nature and sincerely forgetting the self can you be one with the truth.
  • We often discover a certain joy in hardship after the hardship is over. If we can discover it while it is happening, then summer will have its goodness and winter will have its wonders

~ by antinomian on May 8, 2008.

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