Make the impossible possible by Bill Strickland

  • Dreams are just fantasies unless they are rooted in a solid understanding of who you are
  • True fulfillment isn’t about chasing some narrow definition of achievement or wealth, it’s about trusting the value of your passions and principles and using them as a base to build a life.
  • He never set out to change the world. He only did what he needed to do to be who he was. And I can’t imagine leading a more meaningful life. The lesson is that the first step in living a great life is to live a worthwhile life, and that is what each one of us can do. It’s something we must do if we want our lives to matter and to make a difference.
  • Sometimes, the hardest thing about living an exceptional life s realizing what it means, in simplest and most essential terms, to be alive. Just waking up to the fact that you are alive – that each day and each moment you’re on the planet gives you once-in-a-lifetime chance to build the future you dream of – can be an impossibly elusive concept to grasp.
  • The sand in the hourglass flows only one way. Don’t waste precious time chasing someone else’s definition of success. Live your life with purpose now. Look for the things that inspire you, trouble you, make you feel most alive, and trust in those things to shape your future. They will give you all your heart could ever wish for.
  • A good life isn’t something you wait for, or chase after, or try to possess; it’s something you must create, moment by moment, on the foundation of your dreams.
  • A dream is about building something –relationships, identity, quality of experience. Because dreams rise out of genuine human needs, they feed the spirit in a profoundly satisfying way. A genuine dream brings direction, conviction, substance, and satisfaction to your life the moment you commit yourself to it.
  • The most important difference between fantasies and dreams is that fantasies are egoistical and self-centered; they isolate you and force you to live your life as a series of win-lose situations. They define success as a matter of the survival of the fittest. Dreams, on the other hand, connect you to the world and to other human beings.
  • The ability to base your life on sound substantial dreams is a fundamental requirement of living a meaningful and successful life.

~ by antinomian on May 3, 2008.

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