101 Most Powerful Proverbs in the Bible By J. Stephen Lang

1) As you go through the rest of your day, stay alert to everything around you – as if you were going to be quizzed on your whole day.

2) Think of people you know who are severely lacking self-control. Are those people happy? Have you ever considered suggesting to those people that they might try not giving in to all their impulses?

3)Utter no sword word today.

4)Seek out a genuinely merry person, and find out what his or her secret is. The second greatest pleasure in life is laughter.

5)Compliment someone, and mean it. Dont gossip!!

6)Think of proud people you have known personally, and ask yourself, Were they genuinely happy and did their happiness last?

7)An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Seek the company of a godly senior citizen.

8)If you ha d ahuge sum of money to contribute to a church or religious school, would you be wlling to do it anonymously?

9)Talk to christians who work hard at their work. What is their attitude towards coming in late, leaving early, taking long breaks? Are they critisized for not following the world standard?

10) Start each morning with a prayer to God to keep you free from worry and anxiety. Make it a point each day to say a cheerful word to some anxious person.

11) Put yourself on a word diet for at least a day. Pledge yourself to say nothing mean or cruel, but only something kind or constructive.

12) Bible says very little about how the women looked. The giving heart is more important than the appearance and it is true for both male and female.

13) Think of times you have held back your opinions for fear of being called judgemental or intolerant. Think of times you engaged in some activities that you think is wrong but didn’t want to be critisized by your friends.

14)Make a list of behaviours and attitudes that you hate when you see them in other people. Consider which onces you are guilty of yourself. Resolve to direct your mind not to those faults in others, but those in yourself.

15) Think of physically beautiful people you know, both men and women. Are most of them nice people? Moral people? Does our culture emphasize physical attractiveness so much that beautiful people feel they can neglect the inner person?

16) Think of people you know who have few material possessions but who are happy and content. Do you enjoy the company of such people?

17) God has promised to meet every need of his children. But this he cannot do until we recognise our needs.

18) Think of poeple you may have unjured with harsh words, If you can do so, contact them, let them know you were wrong.

19) The next time you are tempted to splurge and buy an unnecessary item for yourself, take the money you would have spent on it and give it to a poor person.

20) Take stock of your friends. Are you bounded by mutual likes and interests – or by a pleasure in gossiping and putting other people down?

21) Make a point of praying daily for people of faith who suffer persecution.

22) Think of times in the past when you were truly misguided about something. What changed your mind and set you right? Friends? Family members? The Bible? Can you see God working through all of this?

23) Hug someone.

24) Begin the day by committing yourself and all your plans to God. Promise yourself, and God, to avoid worry.

25) Think of people you know whoa re genuinely loving – not just to their spouses and children, but to people in general. Are they people of faith?

26) Think of things your acquantances have acquired in the past few months. How did you react when they told you of their new purchases? Were you happy for them? Envious? Both? Were any of these products things you did not particularly need – but wanted because someone you know owned them?

27) Think of poeple you have made a habit of looking down on. Make a point of reaching out to these people with a friendly word or smile.

28) Think of plans you have made over the years and how many of them never came to pass? Had it occured to you at those times that you might have been arrogant and presumptuous, assuming they were guaranteed to come to pass?

29) Ask yourself what fellow believers have you gossiped about in the past week? Did you find yourselves making comparisons between their morals and your own? Their looks? Their bearing? What did you gain from these comparisons?

30) Think of some very low-cost, “low-tech” pleasures you have experienced in life. How did these compare with high-cpst, “high tech” pleasures?

31) Start your day with a promise to do everything, even the smallest thing, for the glory of God.

32) Get into the “me first” habit when something bad happens to you. Before raging against someone or something else, ask yourself, ” Did I myself do anything to bring this about?” If the answer is yes, do the obvious thing – change your behaviour.

33) Think of situations where people have tried to tempt you to bad behaviour. If you gave in, were you sad or happy afterward? Did you ever ask God to give you strength in resisting temptations and peer pressure?

34) Pray for total honesty in your daily life – at home, at work, everywhere.

35) Reach out in person to someone who is poor. Buy him a meal, or an article of clothing, or both.

36) Make a point of stopping some time in the middle of your busy day and asking for God’s help, no matter what you are doing.

37) Pray for contentment in your life, being satisfied with the things you possess now.

38) In your conversations with friends, family members, or fellow workers, try applying this told rule : say nothing about a person that you would not be willing to say if he were present.

39) Think of poeple you have known who were “religious” but who did not impress ou as particularly good or kind people. Then take stock of your own condition. Do you sometimes show more conern for seeming religious than for pleasing God?

40) Think of people you know who are rush in the spiritual sense. What is their attitude towards material goods? Think of people you know who are rich in the material sense. Are they happy and content, or always wanting more than what they have already?

41) Think of times in the past month when someone asked you for help but you declined. Why did you? Were you busy? Could you have spared the time and effort if you had been willing?

42) Give yourself a “pride exam”. What are you most proud of in your life – looks, money, cleverness? Are you ever aware of disliking the pride of other people?

43) Think of people you know who have had to declare bankruptcy. Was it a result of finincial setbacks like illness or accidents, or the result of wasteful spending? Do you hink the wasteful spenders learned anything from their experience? Did you?

44) Seek out some Christians who have succeeded in the business world. Talk to them about how they amintained integrity in a world that places no high value in honesty.

45) Think of some authority figure in your life – [arent, teacher, mentor – whose advice helped keep you on the straight path and avoid grief. Give that person a thank-you call, or send a letter or email.

46) Think of poeple you know who are deeply compassionate. Are they people who show kindness to animals as well as to humans?

47) Think of times in your own life when you have been ungrateful – or, at least, did not show sufficient gratitude for a kindness done to you. Consider calling or writing someone that you neglected to show that you were grateful.

48) Think of times you were silent about a friend being on the wrong path, or even gave your approval. Was there some way you could have given your honest opinion without losing the friendship?


~ by antinomian on December 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “101 Most Powerful Proverbs in the Bible By J. Stephen Lang”

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  2. If there is righteousness in the heart
    There will be beauty in character;
    If there is beauty in character
    There will be harmony in the home.
    When there is harmony in the home
    There will be order in the nation.
    When there is order in the nation,
    There will be peace in the world.

    So, be righteous; avoid all prejudices against others on the basis of caste, creed, colour, mode of worship, ststus or degree of affluence. Do not look down on any one; look upon all as Divine as you really are.

  3. In my view all religion teaches the same thing. And even when Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity would have faded from my eyes, I still have humanity. I still smile when I know it has lost its meaning. I still look at the star and ask for someone else’s well being when I know no one hears me. I still love her, even when I know love doesn’t really exist in this world.

    I met a God in my dreams once, and he seemed real. He left me to figure out his name. But in the end its just a dream. The life he showed me without her is still an empty one.

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