Similar to The Secret


You are who you are right now… and you are where you are right now… because of the total sum of the thoughts you’ve had to this point in your life.


It’s not the result of chance.

It’s not the result of the Universe conspiring for or against you.


It’s not the result of the actions of others.


You are where you are and have what you have as the result of a Universal LAW.


This Universal Law has applied to mankind and remained a fact of life since man first set foot on the earth. The law simply states….


“Thought (or lack of thought) leads to action (or inaction) which always leads to results.”


The results you experience in your life are directly related to the thoughts you hold on a consistent basis.


What other people do may slow you down, but it can’t stop you.


The Universe might test you and throw roadblocks in front of you, but those can’t stop you.


Chance events like hurricanes, other natural disasters, or war might delay you, or force you to change course, but they can’t stop you unless they kill you.


The only thing that can stop (or start) you achieving your goals is YOU!


If you think you can…. You can!


~ by antinomian on December 22, 2007.

One Response to “Similar to The Secret”

  1. Ah… that’s true. Someone should make an inspirational poster

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