Starting of new money management

    Guess I have really been giving myself far too much stress from all this money management stuff, it’s like over $10,000 down. But thinking about it in the long run, it is definitely about financial freedom for myself and my friends. This may seem like a very bad start, but I believe that everything has it’s ups and downs. My main focus now will be on forex where it is a skill and odds are on my side, less on sports betting for now? However, I still need sports betting so that I can recoup at a faster rate. After this weekend is over I will wait until Busterwin is over and withdraw up till moneybookers limit and leave the funds inside to grow. The remaining funds will be put in forex for Henry to manage first. Afterall I have $1000, which is $1500 free money before he actually gets any commission from me, which is a good thing! Should start explaining the problem now and how I lost too much in sports betting.

    Let’s keep thinking of financial freedom in the long run! Don’t forget that sports betting might be a fast way to make quick profits, but I need Forex to maintain this growth! Slow and steady wins the race! Remember how Daddy became millionaire! Jia you!


~ by antinomian on October 13, 2007.

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  1. Thank you

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