Ready For Anything By David Allen

  1. Cleaning up creates new directions
  2. You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what you’re not doing
  3. Knowing your commitments create better choices of new ones. Concentration is the key
  4. Getting to where you’re going requires knowing where you are
  5. Infinite opportunity is utilized by finite possibility. Make decisions on things when they show up, not when they blow up
  6. Two commitments in your head create stress and failure
  7. Priorities function only at the conscious level. There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it reluctantly.
  8. Closing open loops releases energy
  9. If it’s on your mind, it’s probably not getting done
  10. Creativity shows up when there’s space
  11. The deeper the channel, the greater the flow
  12. Worry is a waste
  13. You are not your work
  14. For more clarity, look from a higher place
  15. You won’t see how to do it until you see yourself doing it
  16. Working hard enough is impossible. Working hard at the right time is not hard work
  17. Energy follows thought
  18. The clearer your purpose, the more ways to fulfill it
  19. Best is much better than good
  20. A change in focus equals a change in result
  21. Perspective is the most valuable commodity on the planet
  22. You have to think about your stuff more than you think. Task and outcome.
  23. You don’t have to think about your stuff as much as you’re afraid you might
  24. If you know what you are doing, efficiency is the only improvement opportunity
  25. Only one thing on your mind is in the zone
  26. The value of a future goal is the present change it fosters
  27. Stability on one level opens creativity on another
  28. Form and function must match for maximum productivity
  29. Your system have to be better than your mind for your mind to let it go
  30. Response ability improves viability
  31. Your system is only as good as its weakest link
  32. The effectiveness if your system is inversely proportional to your awareness of it
  33. Function follows form. Don’t let things get stuck to the bottom of your pot.
  34. You can’t win a game you haven’t defined. 2 challenges, thinking about what you are doing and doing something about what you are thinking
  35. Whenever two or more are responsible for something, usually nobody is
  36. Prime your principles instead of policing your policies
  37. Use your mind to think about your work, instead of thinking of it
  38. You are thinking more valuably than you may think
  39. The necessity to plan and organize is inversely proportional to your perceived resources
  40. You’re the only one playing your game
  41. Too controlled is out of control
  42. The better you get, the better you’d better get
  43. Trusting your action choice requires multilevel self-management
  44. Your power is proportional to your ability to relax
  45. Surprises, expected, are no surprise
  46. The longer your horizon, the smoother your moves
  47. You speed up by slowing down
  48. You don’t have time to do any projects. It’s about taking many small action steps
  49. Small things, done consistently, create major impacts
  50. You have to do something to know something
  51. It’s easier to move when you’re in motion
  52. The biggest successes come from the most failures


    You get things done by defining “done” and deciding what “doing” would look like


~ by antinomian on October 11, 2007.

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