15 July
Start of $100 lays, 5 lays to bring the account back to $3500 from free-profits alone.
Laybets.net 3 more lays, account reaching $4000. Funding oanda acct, reach 3k by next week too.
Sgt Foo’s account start can double the income without doubling the risk, which is good! Recommended to start with $3500. $200/lay everyday, omg, so 5 lays I earn $1000! Split 50-50 I still get $750! This means with forex I can earn lots of money! 😀

23 July
The one X good one really boosted my winnings, tonight going to be quite a big night, if all horses i lay lose Ill make $1500! Complete one more cycle of betexprofits too… ok targeted profit for next week. $700 from forex, $2000 from betfair, $500 from busterwins, i would say a decent $13000 minimum. Will be reaching the 100% very very soon! Forex coming

29 July
Reason, laying of $100 makes my portfolio very susceptible to drawdowns, it’s not really about how much you can make now, it’s more of how much drawdown you can risk while making that amount of money. As for me now, I have decided to stick to just $50 lays. This makes me feel comfortable even for long odds winnings, and then Im can just help SGT Foo out by placing bets for him and not take any winnings? But seriously if he is still going for $100/day I can win from him with very little risk I guess… just hope his funds get unlocked soon!
Another 2 losses comes from  forex and busterwins. I see CMMCsports doing so well and their picks are so cheap, I see no reason why I should be getting picks from busterwin anymore. Ashish promised me $2000 loss coverage, I think he should have been returning me at least USD$400, but then let’s not pin my hopes too high!
Forex, discovered something new, guess I should paper trade first and see what is going on… let’s hope that William will do a good job man… let’s hope he can fund a little more money to can he!! $1000 more good enough!! This is just the first month coming to think of it, I still have a long long way to go! Its about staying in the game long enough! 70% by next week after learning all my lessons!
$1000 profit, it’s not that difficult isnt it! 😀 It can be done!


06 August

All got winnings except for forex, but William going to fund USD$1000, should be a good one!! Chris seems good, am I really going to be rich overnight haha!! Maybe over 1 month!! The good thing now is that I can make $100/lay without risking any money on my part! Isn’t that a good thing! haha! But both accounts in deficit now… clear the deficit by this week and start making profits!


Ok the lays have more or less been killing me… from what I see Im going to focus on baseball now and judging from my past results, 10%/month doesn’t really seem that tough does it? Now there will be like some sort of evaluation… say if after the payout for one month already I will just need to have 90% to be the breakeven point. It really seems like a long time since I have paid weixiang but come on it’s only like 1 month’s time!

Ok now it’s about consistent profits. Lays are really too bad, losing streaks are killing me and I cannot afford that to happen. Something good to come out from trading please! one $5000 investment soon I hope! $5000 from Szeming, $4000 from Jerome, ok I can bring up my percentages and increase my potential! Shiting should be sending me some as well! Keep trying and now it’s just about the 60% mark for next week! Considering the amount that I have to send out, I need to aim for like $1000 profits! 1 week… jia you!


Betfair $5000
Pinnacle $1500
Trading $3000

Making $2000, is it going to be that easy? Seriously speaking, it just takes like 20 winning bets extra I guess, out of 35 bets might be a little hard. But the more I bet/bet, the winnings bets going to get lesser! Just maintain it this way and watch it grow! As for forex, I am going to at least bring my account to $1500 before I start live? And by then I should be really experienced already! Can wack full amount and watch the trade! Done it few times should be able to do it!
I can already visualise myself placing winning bets from Chris everyday and trading to make like 5%/day. Lots of money man! Overtake William and see if he can fund more soon! At least he’s more cautious now too! Hopefully the $3000 come back by this month! Im confident! We’ll look forward to the bright future! Looking forward to 70% by end of next week! End of the month back to 100%! Sgt foo’s money I really don’t know what to do, if I choose to keep it myself things might have been better, $3000= $60/bet extra! Let’s pray really hard that Jim can make it, but I did warn him!

Ok I must admit that I am in some form of danger now. Account balance have reached less than 50% already. Should have been in profit from betting, but then the stupid trader whom I just got to know this week lost over $1000 of my funds! Really angry! Seriously I don’t know if I should blame myself, but he is really aggressive man. I don’t know if I should trust people to manage funds for me again. Like what William mentioned, it’s better to manage your own money and if you lose, you learn something. If he needs to come and persuade me to let him manage my funds, is it because he’s guilty or just that he has no one to manage?

Paid for Forex and trusted the stupid Jim again! Harass him to send me $150!! At the same time, better keep track of my trades and make sure I am making money! Slow and steady wins the race! I don’t need to risk alot to make alot of money! Continue picks like this and I can reach back 100% very very soon!

Someone who can lose over 50% of funds in one trade, I must say that the money management and risk management not there at all!! I should follow William and try to trade myself. William $5000 please! Im still waiting! Let’s hope things go well!

Betfair $5000
Pinnacle $3500
Trading $1200

Back to 90%! Damn happy! Guess one week really makes all the difference and with all the investments coming in, let’s aim for like $300-$500/day, which means that it just takes around three days to make enough profit to pay off 10%/month! Im thinking of whether to return the funds to them and have minimum $5000. This will mean that I will either attract more investments or that I will get rid of the small fries. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s of an issue if I just park the funds so that I have more flow. Will decide again after this month!

Betfair $5000
Pinnaclesports $5000
Forex $1200


Ok it was a mistake… only like 70+%…but looking at like $500-$1000/day, my prepaid expenses doing me good! Continue this way with all the top notch betters! Ill be reaching 100% by end of this week! I should update often if I can!


~ by antinomian on October 7, 2007.

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