Amount per bet

Am I going to rely so heavily on sports betting still? I know that Mel Steward is making Shane big money, and it’s lucky for me that I got the picks for both NCAAF and NFL? Should I make full use of it and place bigger bets? Imagine $400/bet, $2400 total. I’m more like having the mentality that since I have already lost so much, I really need to go big a few times to make back the profits? Since they have a good record, I think I should really do like $400-$500/bet this time round. Imagine if all wins I will have like $2000 profit? Cannot be so unlucky lose everything? Their winning percentage is good! I will not continue busterwin picks after this, not as promise the 80%. The returns not really worth the cost of the picks. And since the winning percentage is not really as advertised and he is such a mercenary person, I think I will not continue with him!

As for Chris Cameron, his picks have not really been winning me much money? The pick that I forgot to place yesterday actually won. Being someone who is selling the picks and not placing it himself, I guess I must admit that it’s not really worth it to be following the picks? The reason how I won and lost so much money during the period of time is because I placed every single pick. However, he mentioned that it is not recommended and it is better for me to just follow the daily picks. Maybe this is the reason why it is not good to pay someone for long term cause there is always a chance that you might not want to continue using the service anymore. If I continue using his service just for the sake of it, and end up losing more and more money, I only have myself to blame. Really a tough decision for me, haven’t seen him online for quite some time too, hope that his tickets will do well tonight! 2 losses already! Let’s hope that we can make it all back today!

In conclusion, I guess I should wack more on Mel Steward, I still have funds with Chris. If he loses then it’s good that I did not place any bets and if I win, I can ask him for more funds for forex as well. I guess it is a win-win situation isn’t it! It sucks to think about how much deficit I am facing now, but it is indeed more encouraging when I see the future I have in front of me. Time to make money! Mel make me money! I’ll follow you weekly! Hope that Shane will keep giving me the picks! Next week will be a better one!


~ by antinomian on October 7, 2007.

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