Hidden power, How to unleash the power of your subconscious mind by James K. Van Fleet

Problem solving techniques

  1. Identify your exact problem
  2. Determine the precise cause of your problem
  3. Figure out all the possible solutions
  4. Evaluate the possible solutions
  5. Pick the best solution with your thinking (conscious) mind. If these do not solve your problem, go to 6b
  6. A) Put your solution into effect – take the necessary actions
    6b) Turn all the information over to your subconscious mind so it can solve your problem for you
  7. When you receive the answer from your subconscious mind act immediately upon the instructions that you receive

Creating the necessary creative climate for subconscious mind

  1. Know exactly what it is you want to accomplish
  2. Believe in your heart of hearts that your subconscious mind will give you the answer you want and need
  3. Gather up all the available facts you have on the subject
  4. Feed all those facts into your subconscious mind along with your request for an answer
  5. Relax. Wait patiently and watch diligently for the answer to your question or the solution to your problem
  6. Take immediate action when you receive the answer from your subconscious mind

Programming your subconscious mind for self improvement

  1. Write down on a card what is it that you want more than anything else in life
  2. Look at your card no less than 3 times a day
  3. Think about what you want as often as possible in a relaxed and cheerful manner
  4. Remember you must become what you think about

    No one can become rich himself unless he enriches others in doing so

Six Step Program

  1. Set a definite goal for yourself
  2. Develop a plan for achieving your goal and give yourself a reasonable deadline
  3. Develop a deep and sincere desire for the thing that you want
  4. Never let the fear of failure enter your mind
  5. Develop a supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities
  6. Be persistent, follow through

How to be a winner

  1. Seize every opportunity that offers you increased responsibility. Take initiative based on your good judgement and inner guidance from your subconscious mind
  2. Do every job you’ve been given, large or small, to the best of your abilities
  3. Accept honest criticism and admit your mistakes. Don’t indulge in self pity
  4. Stick to what you think is morally right; have the courage of your own convictions
  5. Take full responsibility for the failures of those under you
  6. Assume full responsibility for your own actions, failures as well as success

Developing consistency in actions

  1. Practice absolute honesty and truthfulness at all times
  2. Be accurate and truthful in all your statements
  3. Stand for what you believe to be right
  4. Always keep your word, never make a promise you cannot keep, never make a decision you cannot support, never issue an order you cannot enforce
  5. Accept the blame when you are wrong
  6. Don’t carry your personal troubles to the office

Goal achieving

  1. Pinpoint your specific goal and dedicate yourself to its attainment. Set only 1 goal at a time
  2. Make a specific plan to reach your goal. Write it down in simple, clear, concise and concrete language
  3. Keep the payoff in the mind constantly
  4. Drive goal deep into subconscious mind
  5. Don’t let thoughts of fear or defeat slow you down or stop you

Six techniques you can use to fill people’s needs

  1. How to make yourself valuable to your company
  2. Gain a reputation for being dependable
  3. Why you should make the extra effort
  4. If you want to get more, you’ll have to give more
  5. How to give them more than the other fellow
  6. How to give them more than they pay for

15 ways to keep friendship warm and cordial

  1. Always maintain a warm and friendly attitude towards others
  2. Go out of your way to perform some unexpected service for your friends
  3. Compliment another person and praise him for something that he has done
  4. Always keep your word. Never make a promise you cannot keep or a decision you cannot support
  5. Treat your associates at work as close friends of long standing, not casual acquaintances
  6. Establish a reputation as a reliable person who can be depended on so your friends can always trust you
  7. Go to work with a smile on your face, leaving your personal problems and trouble at home
  8. Never use your position for personal gain at someone else’s expenses
  9. Don’t play favorites, treat everyone equally
  10. Have respect for everyone’s dignity
  11. Be sincere in your relationships with others. Really mean what you say and say what you mean
  12. Practice the golden rules with everyone, especially the daily associates whom you work with
  13. Have a strong belief in the rights of others
  14. Have an abiding interest in the other person’s welfare
  15. Be willing to deal with every person as courteously and considerately as if he were your blood relative

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