The Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan, Catherine Nomura

  1. Always make your future bigger than your past
  • Ask Future focused questions.
  • Set goals
  1. Always make your learning greater than your experience
  • Transform your experience
  • Think about what worked and what didn’t
  1. Always make your contribution bigger than your reward
  • Adopt a No-entitlement attitude
  • Look for ways to make a contribution
  1. Always make your performance greater than your applause
  • Treat applause as something to be grateful for, not an entitlement
  • Try to be present in the moment
  1. Always make your gratitude greater than your success  
  • Write down what you are grateful for
  • Express your gratitude
  1. Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort
  • Turn tasks into games
  • Innovate more enjoyable ways to get the desired results
  1. Always make your cooperation greater than your status
  • Be honest about your motive
  • Appreciate the contributions and talents of others
  1. Always make your confidence greater than your comfort
  • Use goals to get yourself into motion
  • Take a break if you need one
  1. Always make your purpose greater than your money
  • Listen to your heart and your gut
  • State your purpose in writing
  1. Always make your questions bigger than your answers
  • Engage your curiosity
  • Challenge yourself to keep the discussion going

~ by antinomian on June 28, 2007.

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