Prison Break

    The most touching serial that I have seen to date, showing a side of the politics that tellies with what I have been taught and seen so far… Guess the world really has a very dark side that would have been better to be in the dark forever, but I guess some things would show as you grow up and understand how stuff works. No matter what people do, they seem to be just pursuing happiness, some doing it the wrong way, but with actually no one in the position to judge. How the law gets passed for humans to judge humans I have got no idea. Maybe things weren’t this way in the past. More laws seems to create more crimes.

    No matter how bad a person, even Bellick, Tea bag, things they do might seem cruel and harsh, but the fact that they just want a little happiness and their parents wants the best for them cannot be denied. The power of kinship and brotherhood; maybe that can only be seen in movies? I hope to see some action in real life soon though! The government, how dark can it really get?


~ by antinomian on June 9, 2007.

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