Driving License!! One of the best days of my life!

    Guess it really sucks when you have to retake your driving test so many times, especially when you know that you are capable of passing the test? Things you should have never taken for granted… Treat the car like a part of you and handle it with care, that’s how thing’s supposed to work isn’t it? Think about the amount of money I would have saved, the time I could have used on other things… The chance to start driving around, not that I have a car, but higher chances that Dad will buy a car now! Happy happy! All the past practices, Ill never have to drive an L Plate again!

    Always talking about the right time, guess passing the test on Ah Wen’s birthday and nearing my birthday was the best time? Guess I would have taken it for granted if I got it too easily! Either way, I have to be thankful for the money mom spent on my driving, and Mdm Goh, even though was really pissed when she did not teach me some of the stuff, she was still the one who taught me driving right from the start. Alvin’s father who brushed and polished me up to pass the test, I must say that he really made a bi big difference and made me learn all the safety checks in the circuit, how to brake slow and how to look at cars when changing lanes. Thanks to everyone involved! I will cherish my license!


~ by antinomian on June 9, 2007.

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