We know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, but we just don’t do it

Humans are funny creatures. Right from the beginning of time we actually know what is good for us, what is bad for us, and the actions and steps that will bring us closer to our goal. Ironically, we don’t seem to want to follow our inner voice. Instead, we seem to be going against ourselves by doing the things which we know, only fulfill instant gratification and allow us to continue sprinting on the hedonistic threadmill.

Is life really going to be as easy as starting up a to-list list the night before, following the tasks in order of priority, and ending on the bed with light meditation and knowing that you have led a tiring, but fulfilling and enriching day? Or will it actually be better if you wake up and start playing games, watching TV, eating junk food and wasting money? Why does it always seem easier to do the wrong things? Is this supposed to be normal or have men learnt to change the norm of the society?

Guess life’s all about discipline, and if you want to enjoy more in life, you will have to learn to be more disciplined than others, not in the ascetic form but rather, self-controlling. It may seem difficult at first as we try to be aware of our every single thought, but as actions start to form habits, we will be able to cruise though life like a smooth sailing.. cruise.

Then on the other hand, we are taught to be aware of every action we take. Hmm… if life supposed to be easy or difficult? Would it have been better if we all go back to the lives of apocalypto, where we just hunt and kill for survival? No internet, no air con, no electricity… would things have been better? We seem to have improved our standard of living and quality of life, but are people truely happier?


~ by antinomian on February 6, 2007.

One Response to “We know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, but we just don’t do it”

  1. there’s often more than one voice inside. One tells us to do something, the other one tells us we’re afraid (or insert your own word there) so we don’t act.

    life has it’s moments, it is both easy and hard all at the same time. And we don’t always know what right. To find out what’s right we either have to make a mistake or learn from the experience of others.

    But yeah I know what you’re saying 😉

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