A Commitment to Success… Leading a Disciplined life

Have been listening to lots of audiotapes and I must say that they are indeed useful. One thing that have been emphasized over and over again is none other than goal setting. Sad to say, I have not done my goal setting yet. Think I should do it in the army book, and review it twice a day like what they always say. Have been progressing well in my life, having enough exercise and not spending too much money… Hopefully I can maintain my life like this and learn as much as I can during this IMF period with all the travelling. Travelling can be a good thing as well since I have audiobooks to keep me company.

Some things to take note with regards to driving, do not overtake or change lane during junctions, be confident at slope cause I have done it many times and is good at it. Keep working hard at it and the test is in November. One time pass and get it over and done with. Practice as though it is the actual test and do not take things lightly. One thing I always fail to do is checking the blind spots. Take extra care the next time round!

Played basketball with the guys after such a long time, think it’s good that we managed to get together again but the sad part is that it started raining after a short while. The girl is quite funny also, probably quite hard to find gers that likes basketball so much these days. The staircase PT seems good, sweating alot in just a short time and it’s good training for the legs! Keep working hard and updates again next week!


~ by antinomian on September 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “A Commitment to Success… Leading a Disciplined life”

  1. hey

    three things i look to:
    ravi shankar’s advice: “give more than you have and you will receive more than you need”
    lobsang rampa’s advice to the young: read the third eye
    my own: live a life that’s yours only, everyone gets only one chance..


  2. Please send me regular tips of sucess on my e. id

    Thanks for your superb writeups

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