You Can Win by Shiv Khera

Chapter 1 – Importance of building a positive attitude

  • change focus, look for the positive
  • make a habit of doing it now
  • develop an attitude of gratitude
  • build a positive self esteem
  • stay away from negative influence
  • learn to like the things that needs to be done
  • start your day with a positive


  1. Be so strong that nothing can distueb your peace of mind
  2. Talk health, happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet
  3. Make all your friends feel there is something in them
  4. Look at the sunny side of everything
  5. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best
  6. Be as enthysiastic about the success of others as you are about your own
  7. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
  8. Give everyone a smile
  9. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others
  10. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.

The 5 Cs

  • character
  • commitment
  • conviction
  • courtesy
  • courage

Chapter 2 – Success ; Winning strategies

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal

Qualities that makes a person successful

  1. Desire
  2. Commitment
  3. Responsibility
  4. Hard work
  5. Character
  6. Positive Believing
  7. Give more than you get
  8. The power of persistence
  9. pride of performance
  10. Be willing to be a Student – Get a mentor

Reasons for failure – Why we don’t achieve excellence

  1. Unwillingness to take risks
  2. Lack of persistence
  3. Instant gratification
  4. Lack of priorities
  5. Looking for shortcuts
  6. Selfishness and greed
  7. Lack of conviction
  8. Lack of understanding of nature’s law
  9. Unwillingness to Plan and Prepare
  10. Rationalizing
  11. Not learning from past mistakes
  12. Inability to recognize opportunity
  13. Fear
  14. Inablility to Use Talent
  15. Lack of Discipline
  16. Poor self esteem
  17. Lack of knowledge
  18. Fatalistic attitude
  19. Lack of purpose
  20. Lack of courage

Crash course for success

  • Play to win and not to lose
  • Learn from other people’s mistakes
  • Associate with people of high moral character
  • Give more than you get
  • Don’t look for something for nothing
  • Always think long term
  • Evaluate your strengths and build on them.
  • Always keep the larger picture in mind when making a decision
  • Never compromise your integrity

Chapter 3 : Motivation ; Motivating yourself and others everyday

  1. Develop a sense of pride through training
  2. Reward performance
  3. Set well-defined, clear goals.
  4. Set high expectations
  5. Set clear, measurable benchmarks
  6. Evaluate the needs of others
  7. Make others part of your big picture. Set a good example by being a positive role model. Build the self-esteem of others.

Chapter 4 : Self-Esteem – Building a positive self-esteem and image

  1. Read life stories of people who have turned negatives into positives. Make reading good books or listening to inspirational audio tapes part of your daily routine.
  2. Regularly and systematically commit a portion of your time and/or money to charitable activity without any expectations in cash or kind.
  3. Stay away from negative influence. Don’t give into peer pressure
  4. Practice giving and receiving sincere compliments graciously.
  5. Start accepting responsibility for your behaviour and actions
  6. Practise self-discipline even when it is not comfortable.
  7. Associate with people of high moral character
  8. Be creative and find ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths
  9. Practice patience; persevere if the results are not visible.

Chapter 5: Interpersonal Skills; Building a pleasant personality

Steps to building a positive personality

  1. Accept responsibility
  2. Consideration
  3. Think win-win
  4. Choose your words carefully
  5. Don’t criticize and complain
  6. Smile and be kind
  7. Put positive interpretation on other people’s behavior
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Be enthusiastic
  10. Give honest and sincere appreciation
  11. When we make a mistake, we should accept it immediately and willingly
  12. When the other person realizes and admits that he has made a mistake, congratulate him and give him a way out to save face
  13. Discuss but don’t argue
  14. Don’t gossip
  15. Turn your promises into commitments
  16. Be grateful but do not expect gratitude
  17. Be dependable and practise loyalty
  18. Avoid bearing grudges. Forgive and forget
  19. Practice honesty, integrity and sincerity
  20. Practice Humility
  21. Be understanding and caring
  22. Practice Courtesy on a daily basis
  23. Develop a sense of humor
  24. Don’t be sarcastic and put others down
  25. To have a friend, be a friend
  26. Show empathy

Chapter 6 :  Subconscious Mind And Habit; Building a pleasant personality

21 days of conscious effort to change for the better

Chapter 7: Goal Setting; Setting and Achieving your goals

  1. Make definite goals
  2. Write them down
  3. Read your goals twice a day, morning and night
  4. Make goals sloghtly out of reach but not out of sight
  5. Check your progress periodically

Chapter 8 : Values and Vision; Doing the right thing for the right reason

7 deadly sins

  1. Wealth without work
  2. Pleasure without conscience
  3. knowledge without character
  4. commerce wthout morality
  5. science without humanity
  6. religion without sacrifice
  7. politics without principle

What money will not buy

  1. Amusement but not happiness
  2. A bed but not sleep
  3. Books but not wisdom
  4. A clock but not time
  5. Companions but not friends
  6. Finery but not beauty
  7. Food but not appetite
  8. House but not home
  9. Medicine but not health
  10. Ring but not marriage

Commitment implies

  1. Dependability
  2. Reliability
  3. Predictability
  4. Consistency
  5. Caring
  6. Empathy
  7. A sense of duty
  8. Sincerity
  9. Character
  10. Integrity
  11. Loyalty

~ by antinomian on September 9, 2006.

93 Responses to “You Can Win by Shiv Khera”

  1. really it is heart touching article,anyone can change his life by reading really turns the personilty of anyone .

  2. really it is heart touching article,anyone can change his life by reading can really turns the personilty of anyone who will try to adapt this rules into life .

  3. i have only read till the second chapter till now then also i am able to feel the difference in me. really it is a heart touching article. kindly send me the names of articles if MR. shiv khera have written more.

  4. its the most inspiring part is building subconscious mind … and working accordingly to need of hour. Hope it works out ..

  5. it the most inspiring part is building subconscious mind … and working accordingly to need of hour. Hope it works out ..

  6. inspiring part is building subconscious mind … and working accordingly to need of hour. Hope it works out ..

  7. I wopuld very interested to have the nameof the book of Mr ShivKheraplease.

  8. Hi, where can i get Shiv Khera’s You Can Win free audio download? I want to download audio for free in any format


  9. The name of the book is “You Can Win”.

  10. this bok has been changed to my thinking.before studing this book..i was totally diffrent peson but now i time i can say that this person(rahul)can do any thing . all the words of this book can change to every persons mind if they will study it seriouslly…

  11. hi, i m a great fan of this book & i had read it many times actually from the past 5 years whenever i was depressed or in any other difficult situation or when i had loosed my confidence,motivation i opend the book and start reading it, truly speeking after reading the book i found that i can easily handle the situaton. thanks mr. shiv khera for giving guidence and ur experiences in ur book as a gift to people like us.

    • I read this in jan 2009. it is really a inspiring book containing all meaningful chapters. sure this book can change the life of the reader…..thanks


  13. This book has changed my way of thinking and way of living.Within 30 days i have changed my life by reading this book again and again.It movivates me,when i am depressed; it gives me strenght in my weakness; it awake me in my sleepness.
    thank you Mr. Shiv Khera for writing the truth about the world.

  14. I am great lover of this book. The articles, examples, stories are very nice and having morales behind it.

  15. This book had altered my world.My way of thinking ,the way to interpret things all have acquired a new shape.It had taught me “THE ART OF LIVING”Thanks to Mr.Shiv Khera for writing such a book.

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  17. Thousands of people got inspired by shiv khera,the power house of words with awesome explanation.

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    it has great inspiring stories

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  20. It would be great if we could get audio version of the book so that we can play this whenever we like (in car, study room…)

  21. i was really a heart touching book it changed my life.i am a 15 year old student it made me focu on my studies and made me successfulllll.

    thank you very much

  22. this book is written for everybody-from students to adult,from teacher to professionlist,for everybody…..
    This book helped me in my studies,in my way of behaviour with different kind of people,to adjust with any kind of situation…..
    I think this book shoud be explain everybody from their childhood so they will never fail in their life and the’ll do better………..
    Its very good for us to have such good no BEST authors in our countries or from other countries……..
    Today world has become small. Everbody roam through different countries and they should know how to behave in their countries………..
    I would like to thank Mr. Shiv Khera that he has given us such a woderful book…………

  23. Very good and thought provoking.After reading this i guess everyone realise the importance and effective utilization of life.Kudos to Shivkhera.

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  25. I have read YOU CAN WIN 4 years back and it inflenced me so much.As I have lend that novel from someone else for few days,I noted down few points from that and whenever I feel dowm or develop pessimistic approach I just go to those point.That really give me a source of energy and encouragement,so again I grows up well with optimistic attitude.

    Really a must to read for every individual in this world.

  26. Hi All,
    This book is realy very good..I m gr8 fan of this book…I d read this book before 4yrs..Now I want to read it again..Is there any site to read this book or any files in eab to read this book.Please let me know..
    Realy I found myself some changes by going through this book.Mostly U can say my attitude has been changed by Shiv Khare….

  27. it was not easy for me to score first class in engineering semister,since i was an average scorer,but after reading this book not only i improved my studies but also i become one of the good busines man.

  28. i like this book very much , actullly after reading this book i think positively and now i am feeling that whole world within my circle. i suggest all freinds to read this book.

  29. Hi all,
    I have rad thig book when I was in Gulf. I borrow it form a friend of mine. Excellent book It is a holly book for a professinlal person to play his or her roll perfectly.

    Is any scope to read it on net?

  30. I am great lover of this book. The articles, examples, stories are very nice and having morales behind it.

  31. a great discovey which can reguvanate human mind

  32. it s a nice book…
    it helps me to grew my carrier

  33. this is the book which is helpful for any age group persons, it has answer of every question.

  34. earlier i was play for not to loose but now know the secret that is play for win induce inspiration……thanks a lo t to guru shiv khera to make me aware of reality concepts of life.

  35. earlier i was play for not to loose but now know the secret that is play for aware ofwin induce inspiration……thanks a lo t to guru shiv khera to make me reality concepts of life.

  36. we as a nation do need the motivation and upliftment required to go back to those glorious days of indian civilization. perhaps people like mr.shiv khera are more needed for this great country then any of our present generation of hypocrete so called leaders. we shall remain indebted to mr.khera for his contribution in spreading morality and charecter which is the greatest need of the time. long live mr.shiv khera the entire nation should take pride in your wisdom god bless u

  37. There is wonderful experience to read this book.It is storng souce to builder the posstive attitude and make the human being able to live for the society helpful and able to make society to live.

  38. simply great work from Shiv Khera
    if any one has audio/vcd of this book pls mail me


  39. Nice review….

    You can download this book here…

  40. Hi,

    Please let me know if I can read this book online…

    I have searchd for it but was unable to find it.

    Thanks and regards,

  41. Hello,

    Its Rajat Barik from ahmedabad, I have read the book many times, and always when I sit to read the same one, its seems like different for me always, the same sentence purifies more every time I read. It is a very good book for the persons who need sucess in life from all corners, it is book which gives confidence, puts your attitude at true height, tell to not compromise with ur intigrity, and develop your self-respect.
    Thank you for such a nice book to publish in between the general people, it is like,”One book by the people, to the people, from the people”.
    I wish me good luck and others too, all the words are the mixture of priceless perls.
    –Thanks and Regards !
    —-Rajat Barik

  42. any one who reads the book will definitely atleast make attempts to change and definitely succeed in life. It is a good book and i suggest these kind of books must be made part of the syllabus atleast for high school classes of sudy.

  43. Its my 1st self help book read during 1998.since that day recoomdate and gifted the book no of occussion.Its gods blassing i had ever read the book. i am it .recommdat it. distribut it. its have fire.

  44. I am great lover of this book. it has changed my much thanx to you for helping.

  45. Isn’t that building the perfect human being? Man always wins being non perfect…

  46. happy to heard that…. thanks mr.shiv khera

  47. pls inform me about the latest issue of ur new books

  48. its really a good book for motivation.

  49. Thanx a lot Mr. Shiv Khera…Tats fantastic books for everyboddy.

  50. Hi there!
    nice review.
    very soon I’m going to post the download link on my blog.
    for more motivational books, and inspirational books, please.
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    thank you!

  51. hi i learn too this book is realy a good book i like it

  52. Resp. Sir,
    I am fully impressed of your work. I also want to develop one website to expand this gretest knowledge in the world. So that I need your help sir. I want to open the source of this knowledge to all of young persons who want to leave thair tentions and mentel tress. So please contact me on my email.

  53. its really good book, who will read this book properly obviously they will totally change so please read and enjoy your life I am also getting enjoyment take care……….

  54. hello, shiv sir
    wish you a very happy new year.
    sir i am your very big fan. i have read “i can win”many times.
    when i am in trouble i read this book and i get energy.
    so i want to pay thank for write such a good book.
    i have no word to pay thank,because it’s a deep feeling for you.
    sir i want to share some my big problems with you.
    i think you are only the person who can save my life.
    sir pls help me.
    i am in big trouble and only you can show me the way.
    i am waiting for you.

  55. Hi, shiv sir
    I read “You can win” and found its superb. I am not having any word to express the thanks, bu t your work-“You can win” is GURU for me… I am Vippassana meditator… and want to give real meaning to th is life..sir i want yours audio which can be instant inspiration source for me .. please guide me. .. Thanks and Happy new year.

  56. I love this book a lot as Smruti Like this book a lot…I love you Smruti

  57. Visit this link to know moree on Shiv Khera

  58. i like this book and want to read more books of shivkhera

  59. […] Petikan secara bebas dari buku You Can Win- Shiv Khera Random Postspenatnyerrrrr……Litar Sepang GPA1I write for who ?Luahan rasa PengkidIsteri […]

  60. Its a really fantastic, excellent book.
    It touches the heart when it is read..
    One can improve his/her qualities by getting inspirations from this book…
    Thank You.

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  62. The book motivates and inspires the reader to execute his dedicated efforts with a sole aim to win.

  63. my nane is yonas elmi. i realy like this book and shiv is my best author.when ever am reading this book i feel like am talking to shiv khera live so lifelonger mr shiv khera

  64. hi! friends ” you can win -by shiv khera” is very nice book 2 read when you are facing the problem’s of’s give motivation to how to win..

  65. I’m a great fan 2 shiv khera sir.This book is like a “Bhagavadgeetha” in evrybody’s home.

  66. hi i am from philippines. i reli love your book, when our operation manager told me about this book. im very eager to buy but i cant find here in Philippines. pls help. thanks.

  67. ” You can win ” is the book im looking for. thanks.

  68. You can win is a well-written book and I really need it. Thanks a lot. by Kuerich Joseph email:

  69. I have seen ur CDs its fantastic and very much motivational. My aim is also to change the face of India and making it again “A Golden Bird” but I am not getting that environment around me and no will let me to do so. Plese can u motivate me for this or show some way to me.What can I do I am an Engg. student. Also I want to join ur political party. I have total faith in truth.

    • Pragya
      Dont wait to get the obstacles vanished in front of u. It is only ur duty to cross the hurdles. For doing good to others it is not necessary to enroll in a political part. Become in a class of your own. Let the whole nation be proud of you.

  70. i wails to make it happen.i have ur book

  71. sir realy i m very impress and inspired by ur views i m also read ur book and lisen ur speech .u r a very good personality and my country has need persons like u who can inspired the people to reach a top level of world .
    thanks and regards

  72. Realy i hv inspired too much after reading this book and i hv also recommended it to my students also. Thanks for everything given by way of this book.

  73. Hello Mr khera! My father has one of your book “You can win” he bought it on the year 2005. He said to me that i must spend some time reading one of your books. At first, I was not interested about the book but the moment I read its content it enlighten me to go on into my life no matter how insurmountable obstacle I may face. It teaches me to dream and believe into my self. right now I am a veterinary college student who always wanted to help and to cure those animals in need and to fulfill my dreams I must do about it and that thing is to believe in my self and apply all those guides written into your book. I hope that someday we will meet in person. That’s all thank you for sharing the book.

  74. bahut accha

  75. i havn’t read this kind of book before it was just amazing

  76. hello sir me neha kashyap ur book is really hurt touching firstly
    i want to thanks my guru s. sukhvir singh sodi from sirhind bcz he inspire about read ur book he always said our about shiv kheras book that time i will read ur book but its very costly for me so i cant read but tody when i read ur only two chepter i saw its really fantastic and hurt touching book i know who read ur book can improve his /her quality by getting inspiration from this book i will read and buy this book whenever i have mony thanx so much sir

  77. Can this book be read by me on line or be sent to ma e mail.

  78. I have read the book over and over again until the success principles became a part of me. It is extremely marvelous. Lusungu Mwasinga. Malawi Central Africa

  79. I have read ” The BOOK ” more than 100 times and still i’m learning through this. According to me this is life time motivationals tool it helps every time to resolve the constraints.

  80. Hi! Friends ‘you can win book written by shiv khera ‘ is a very imprasive book.

  81. I once read that book but its a nice book to read. it motivated me so much. BIG UP SHIV KHERA!

  82. i lov ths every motivation Comment of shiv khera so I like it personality thank full to shiv and

  83. i want to get audio

  84. I want to learn more and more of shiv khera.

  85. Hey frnds i read this book , its very beautiful

  86. hi, i m a great fan of this book & i had read it many times actually from the past 5 years whenever i was depressed or in any other difficult situation or when i had loosed my confidence,motivation i opend the book and start reading it, truly speeking after reading the book i found that i can easily handle the situaton. thanks mr. shiv khera for giving guidence and ur experiences in ur book as a gift to people like us.

  87. Chapter 3 : Motivation ; Motivating yourself and others everyday

    Develop a sense of pride through training
    Reward performance
    Set well-defined, clear goals.
    Set high expectations
    Set clear, measurable benchmarks
    Evaluate the needs of others
    Make others part of your big picture. Set a good example by being a positive role model. Build the self-esteem of others.

  88. we need all the shivkhara audio or vedio cd any know the detail share me

  89. I read this book number of times. Lot of things are implemented in my life. It changes our lives. Really marvellous.

  90. I want to listen your motivated speech

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