How to Master Your Time by Brian Tracy

1) Psychology of time management

  • Make a firm decision to be excellent at time management.
  • Think of yourself continually as well organized
  • Visualize yourself to be effecient, effective and productive

2) Set clear goals and objectives consistent with your highest aspirations and your innermost values and convictions

  • The more goals you have the more likely you are to manage your time well
  • law of forced efficiency
  • the more you take on the more efficient you will become
  • there is never enough time for everything but there is always enough time for the most important thing

3) create detailed plans of actions and get yourself organized for productive work

4) establish clear priorites and always work on your highest valued tasks

5) Develop good work habits and learn to concentrate single mindedly on one thing, the most important thing at a time.

6) think through and carefully plan large jobs or complex tasks that involves many people using everything else that you’ve learnt.

16 techniques to overcome procratination

  1. think on paper. prepare thoroughly. list every step of the job in advance. break the job down. has tenancy to help you overcome procratination
  2. gather all necessary material/work tools in front of you. when begin task, have everything at hand until task is complete
  3. do one small thing to get started. 20 – 80 rule. first 20% of task often accounts for 80% of the value. tendancy to continue the task
  4. take a small step at a time. by a yard is hard, inch by inch it’s a hinch
  5. swiss cheese technique. select a 5 minute task of the job and do it.
  6. start from the outside and complete the smaller tasks first.
  7. start from the inside and do the larger tasks first
  8. do the task that causes the most fear and anxiety, usually have to do with someone else eg fear of rejection
  9. start the day with the most unpleasant task first. morning exercisers stayed on with the habit compared to night
  10. thinking of the negative consequences of not doing the job.
  11. think about how you will benefit for doing the job. write down the benefits for doing the jobs.
  12. designate a certain period of time for a specific task, make an appointment with yourself.
  13. do not worry about doing the job perfectly. nothing worthwhile have been done the perfect way the first time round
  14. pick one area where procrastination is hurting you, the most important area and conquer it. always attack the most difficult task first
  15. develop a compulsion to closure. once you begin work, refuse to stop until completed. last 5% is worth all the work and easiest time to stop work. true accomplishment comes only in the last
  16. maintain a fast tempo. write fast act quickly. speed up habitual actions. enhanced feeling of confidence. flow of energy from deliberately increasing tempo.

it takes courage and self discipline to break the habit of procratination. the rewards are self esteem/confidence, pride and life long success. you can do it if you put your mind to it. no other decision will be more life enhancing/satisfiying than the decision to do it now.

Developing a Philosophy of time management. A world view that recognizes time as the one invaluable, indispensible, irreplacable ingredient for successful, happy life.

  1. Take the long view. Focus as far into the future as you can. Short pains for long gains.
  2. Take the short view. Measure your time in minutes rather than hours or days.
  3. Love your job
  4. Treat time like money
  5. Eat lightly, watch your diet. You will be more productive
  6. Make time management part of a good life
  7. Take time to seat back, think and relax
  8. Ensure goals are congruent with values
  9. Time management is life management. It must be practiced everyday.

~ by antinomian on September 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “How to Master Your Time by Brian Tracy”

  1. I am so in agreement with the visualization of Brian Tracy’s concepts. His Eat that Frog has made me more affective. Time is the one commodity that can not be retrieved. If I waste time I NEVER get it back.

    Jon Mullender

  2. Brian Tracy’s concept that time management is life management is very true. I agree with him. Management of time is very required in life. Each people must know how to manage time if he/she wants to suceed in life.

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