Finally an off day!

Been looking forward to an off on Friday since Thursday is supposed to be a xiong day where I need to reach the airport by 0630. Things changed and Thursday became an off instead! Besides staying home to chill, went out with Geraldine. First time going to SIM bus stop even though I’ve been going through there all my life? Looks not as bad as it seems, as people seem to care about putting makeup and stuff.

Went to eat at Marche after such a long period of time… the last time I went was with Cathy and Matthew… which is a long long time ago man… Tried the Rosti and took some of Geraldine’s crepes… not bad! 😀

Went around but did not really see anything I like except for a cigarette holding case that looks good for a wallet. having to save money now, think that I should leave it as it is. A lot of people also say my wallet is nice man haha, but guess having that would be nice and special 😀

Geral keep saying I look very sian during the shopping, not sure why also, maybe cause I have no mood to buy any of the stuff ba… or that I would rather be staying at home in the first place. Anyhow, I hope that I did not really make her feel very bad, but guess she enjoyed disturbing me with jay Chou’s poster and I even carried her bag for her!

Finished reading Making Your First Million, really not bad, also borrowed books from the library. Have to enrich myself and like what mother says, start saving up! I guess I will give the savings money to her… best method of saving since if I were to take it out I will have to do it through her? She will not do things to harm me!


~ by antinomian on September 7, 2006.

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