Tired Day… Tired of Waiting and Travelling…

Despite the fact that I left and woke up early yesterday, I still ended up late for work. Luckily it was not that late, though was delayed further by the pass issuer. The lesson learnt is that it’s better to be earlier than late man… Moreover it seems that they are serious about starting the training on time. Will set off earlier today! Moreover it starts in the afternoon and I have no reason to be late!

Even though there’s alot of waiting for this training, I believe that everyone is trying their best to plan this properly. Anyway this is really a very serious and global event and we should treatt seriously as well! Guess that being late for the training set a very lousy start for me, not to mention that having to tuck in that shirt made things worse. Will wear a more comfortable set of clothes this time round, hopefully it makes me feel better!

Guess the happiest time in the airport was the eating time haha! Mentioned that I wanted to try mutton curry with bread today! I believe that since the training is starting late today, we will end up having dinner there. Guess the journey home will become a very laborious one, despite the fact that I will not be doing anything but wait haha. Gotta crank up more audiobooks in the Ipod to stop me from dozing off!

Feel kinda heart pain when I remember the $17 for taxi fare, but upon telling mom about it, she offered to give me $30 and wanted me to take cab this time round also. Kinda touched… guess all parents don’t want to see their child suffer… So far I am still taking into account my prosperity journal… so please maintain it this way!


~ by antinomian on September 5, 2006.

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