Another Day of Doing Nothing At The Airport…

Our off day eaten again once again for… nothing!!! Not sure what’s wrong with the programme, but what I can say is that even the Terminal OIC is pretty pissed about this whole thing. His unit not briefed regarding the training, all the updates went through the PC and not the OC. Someone mentioning that they are like one level lower is indeed something not to be joked about.

Other than that, guess the best thing is that I actually managed to finish listening to the audioset by Andrew Weil regarding breathing. Should apply this and do it on a daily basis, not forgetting about exercise too! Felt much better at the airport today, one thing might having more sleep, but probably being on time and breathing techniques played an important role as well.

Had quite a good talk with Alvin, guess I should really start saving up too! I do not have commitments like paying for my own bills, give money to parents and yet I am not saving enough money. Though the loss in investments is an acceptable reason, too much is not a good thing! Keep working hard and paper trade first!


~ by antinomian on September 5, 2006.

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