Limiting Beliefs

Seriously speaking, everytime whenever I read books, I find the affirmations exercises useless and always tend to skip them, maybe resulting in the fact that I do not benefit as much from the book?

After reading Build Your Money Muscles BSFF, I realised that I do indeed have a strong limiting belief. Even though I have been trying to make money from the internet since a long time ago, sad to say I have not had much success. Taking thousands out from my account to buy many of the useless junk and I ended up not using them at all. Marketing ebooks, traffic generators, MLM etc… waste of time and money since I did not make full use of them.

Following that was the web hosting business. I never seem to learn my lesson that if you want a stable server you have to be willing to pay for it. Always paying peanuts and expecting lots of stuff. People complaining to me about server downtime when I am in school, something that indeed generated lots of negative feelings in terms of doing a business, not forgetting that I have to check for web hosting stuff when I am enjoying myself at a chalet.

Online HYIP investments also burned me quite a bit, firstly it was Arild who introducted me to all these ezybucks etc. Was a novice and ignorant at that time, just excited that I know something called e-gold and investing blindly. After investing in gold bar corp and christmas ornaments I did seriously for once believed that I was going to get rich just like this. The scams did wake me up from my dreams, knowing that money cannot be earnt so easily. Even if it could, it would mean that it would be lost as easily. The following HYIP scams did make me lose alot of money, especially after Paul Bovich sent me $700 for me to invest for him. Seriously I lost all of them, and have to use my own money to pay him back eventually.

Forex is also another unsuccessful realm which I have been trying to work out. The fact is that I have not been  putting in much effort in research and paper trade, relying on softwares and instant formulas to do trades. This is another downfall on my part and I should have learnt from all these mistakes.

The lastest horse betting failure, I guess, was the cause of not only trusting the wrong person but also the failure to paper trade first, assuming that everything is as easy as just following the formula without doing the correct paper trade to gain experience and confidence in the first place. The upcoming soccer strategy looks promising, but I must remember never to make the same mistake again.

Always try out and research before I start any investment! And even if the investments fail, I know that I always have my savings that is untouched. By maintaining this, I will have a good habit by the time I ORD and start working. When more money comes in, I will have a larger amount of money for investments, generating more income and leading a fun and fulfilled life!


~ by antinomian on September 3, 2006.

One Response to “Limiting Beliefs”

  1. I discovered my own limiting beliefs around money some time ago and have since been working on it.

    While it may be different for each person, I’ve found that conquering my limiting beliefs hasn’t been as easy as I’d though. Years of my parents instilling a ‘less is good’ and ‘poor means you’re right with Jesus’ type of belief system. Though I’m not upset with them for it in the least (they did teach me a lot), I can only hope to continue undoing it and in a hurry. 🙂

    The one main thing I’ve learned so far, though, is to go with what you love. If you don’t feel comfortable or enjoy doing it, then it simply isn’t what you should be doing.

    Good luck!

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