Financial Planning

According to the breakdown of spending previously,

  • 10% – Save
  • 10% – Prudential
  • 30% – Investment
  • 50% – Spend

This would mean that if I get my advance pay on the 10th, I will have $700 to spend for the rest of the two months. I will try to stick to this allowance if possible. If it’s completely impossible, then I will use the $15/day I have and adjust accordingly. Saved money will all go to UOB account and investment will go to moneybookers. Will concentrate on horse for now, but the main thing is still to paper trade to boost my confidence first. With this plan at hand, things seems to be much easier. Fix spendings at $10/day, meaning that if I overspend on one day, I will just solve the problem by not spending on the next. Might not be as easy as it seems, but I will just stick to the plan for now.


~ by antinomian on September 3, 2006.

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