Nostalgic… I Wonder What If…

If I knew that having the meal together will be the last chance for me to see her, will I have done things differently? It seems so easy to take things for granted and you always think that you will always have another day, another chance, another moment, but things do not always turn out your way, especially for people who always take things for granted…

Xiaowen mentioned that she is the ger that I actually love the most out of all the others… not sure if that is true… but I really have so many doubts… about how she suddenly disappeared and appeared in my life, taking my phone, taking my hopes, and almost my heart, but still nothing seem to have happened in the end. The distance is long, the journey was though, but the displacement is next to zero, returning to the same spot that we have begun, with some scars on my part.

Forget about the sad stories, had an enjoyable time at Marina and Suntec with Wen, probably the last chance Ill ever get to enjoy until IMF is over… Had the usual talk cock sessions, finally got to eat our beef chilli fries at Carl’s Junior, and some sweet revenge on her part. Watched Snakes on a plane, hopefully she have cured herself of her ophidiophobia, but judging from the way she bites her fingernails, I beg to differ… 😛

Simple dinner after that, saw an old uncle da bao food and put on the trolley used to stack dirty utensils. Guess that’s his supper, or even dinner? Why does someone so old still have to work to support himself? Is the food that he is buying really what he wants or is it because it is cheap? Saw some people eating traditional chinese food for the old people, seems much more healthy compared to the deep friend fish and chips I am having. Oh well… melancholy… probably the best word to describe my feelings… seeing the way people go around the Fountain of Wealth… will try my best to earn money to support the family so that none of my closed ones will suffer!

Start of a new month… gotta enforce myself to lead a disciplined and goal-oriented life… keep working hard! Every day is a new day!


~ by antinomian on September 2, 2006.

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