Start Of A New Month… Best Time To Start Cleaning Up The Mess?

People always like to start some new projects at the start of the new month, as though it will really make a big difference as to when they start. Seriously the main reason is just for them to procrastinate, which I admit, that I am one of the all-time procrastinator. Once again, I am going to promise the universe that I am going to start committed and updated to my plan for this month… and I will keep my promise!

Basketball today was relatively bad, considering the fact that I am playing with an injured hand and I do not really like the segregation in our team. Enough said but I don’t like people who give me an impression that we caused the downfall of the team. So what if we lose, such stupid remarks are not going to make things any better… I hope that they will really reflect upon themselves, wake up their idea and admit that it’s not purely our fault that we lost the match. If only we have a different captain things might have been different.

Realised that I always spend time reading and reading but never seem to apply them in my daily life. What I plan to do now is to read one book at a time, take serious notes and apply a thing one at a time daily and by incorporating 30 habits a month, think I am on my way to my dream life pretty soon!

IMF for the next month, guess the things to concentrate on are physical, hair and face, as well as money management. All these can be done concurrently and I will be a better person by the end of next month!

Blogging seems to be better than writing… but guess the more personal things will still be done off the board…


~ by antinomian on September 1, 2006.

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