Start of a New Blog

Started a blog on inertiatraders site initially, the inability to access the website this morning woke me up; the hosting is so cheap and I should not be expecting too much from it. A better method would be to use free hosting since I will not be using it for business in the near future. What I should do now is to try to blog and get a feel of what it is like to manage it.

From what I can see now, managing a blog should be much easier compared to a website. At least for now, I can still use the default blogskin which looks presentable enough, not having to worry about hyperlinks and creating buttons since everything have been prescripted for me already. With this format, I hope to update the different parts of my life, setting goals and checking my progress. Even though this might be once a week event, but like what I’ve mentioned earlier, the main thing is to get a feel as to what’s going on.

Let’s hope that this blog can really bring me…. TOWARDS GREATER HEIGHTS!


~ by antinomian on August 29, 2006.

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