Seriously… It’s kinda pathetic

Who would have thought that letting a stranger to manage $500? Even thought Susanne managed to bring it up to $700 in like just 2 days, I should have known better that there are lots of risks involved. The fact of life is that when she managed to earn money for you, you’ll be able to see her online almost all the time. But when things go wrong and you just want to know what happened, she seem to disappear from the world.

This is a lesson, though not cheap, that it’s better if you trust yourself with the money, at least you have no one but yourself to blame. But this lesson also makes me kinda super broke with less than $100 to last until the next payday… makes me really understand and experience the true meaning of living from paycheck to paycheck… though I am lucky that I do not need the money at this point of life… I should be more focused on earning and not always try to think of the easy way out.

Coming to think of it, there’s actually not many people who are famous for being rich using such unorthadox methods. All kinds of stories shows people building up their empire from scratch through hard work and foresight, never was there once that shows a person that earns money the easy way. This kinda reminds me that money does not come easily and if I were to really want to make money from things like horse racing, I would need to diligently put in research and paper trade it, not something like you just pump money into it and expect to become rich overnight.

Still remembered the frustration when I managed to kinda win 4 matches in a row when I wanted to lose them, guess I did not really follow the strategy properly and betted on the horses that were actually steamers. The next thing I will do is to seriously paper trade and track my progress using this blog. Upload all the charts and make analysis when I win/lose. Besides ensuring that the strategy is workable, it also boosts confidence so that when I trade with real money in future, there is evidence that I can fall back to that the system works. With such an attitude and confidence, things should be much easier for me.

Meanwhile, I understand the importance of residual income and the plan now is to start a membership site with recurring residual income. Though it might not be easy now, I believe that the blog is the start of it. Knowing that even though horse racing might be profitable, the fact is that I will be self-employed and it is not fully a business that can be automated without me around. This is something which I will move towards!


~ by antinomian on August 29, 2006.

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