It’s Officially Gone… Lessons Learnt from The Lost…

Though it’s nothingvery serious, but losing THE 11B can cause quite alot of hassle, not to mention some emotional stress, resulting in some form of breakdown on my part (well… maybe not that serious). Made a police report already, nothing much I can do now since I’ve already traced down the route and turned my whole place upside down. Moral of the story? Never to take things for granted.

This lesson have been taught to me many many times, but guess the main problem is that I never seem to pay attention to the things around me, an indirect result as to why I am so bad at memorizing routes? If I pay attention to the surroundings maybe things would have been much easier? Things around me, things that are important, I must really pay close attention to them and give thanks when they are around.

Mom told me to take care of the things that are important to me, guess there’s a double meaning to it, as I would need to take care of the people that are important to me as well. In order to keep my life simple and easy, guess the thing to do now is to be attached to as little things as possible, reaching a point whereby I am not attached to anything at all? Easier said than done, but guess this is what nirvana’s all about? Looking around me, there are actually lots of things that’s redundant in my life…

Mom was talking to me asking if I have a girlfriend now, really a very funny conversation. But guess what she wants have been laid quite clearly from the start, which is why I always sensed that she does not have a good impression of ting, though it’s not her fault. She mentioned that I got the calibre should look for people with quailty, cannot be too poor or ugly, good family background etc… guess she’s not someone that will try to put me into trouble… guess these are all the characteristics that people know they need to find deep down in their heart.

Mom also mentioned about online investments, saying that if it’s really so easy to earn money using clicks of buttons, there would have been so many rich people in the world. Though the statement might be true to a large extent, what I truely believe is that with research and practice, it is definitely possible to make a good income from clicking buttons. She also mentioned that due to her fear in such online investments, she managed to save up her money slowly through the hard way… Maybe she’s true but on the other hand, who knows how much she would have if she really invested the right way…

Seems to be able to accept the fact that I lost my 11B pretty easily… maybe I really become more optimistic and kan de kai already? Hope it’s a good thing though! Tomorrow will be a better day 😀


~ by antinomian on August 29, 2006.

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